Welcome! I’m Danny Krolikowski, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Arizona working on the NEID spectrograph team.

My broad research interests involve young stars and their planetary systems, in particular to understand how they form and evolve in their early lifetimes, which is the period of most dynamic evolution that sets their fates and potential habitability. I have studied nearby young stellar associations to determine the spatial and kinematic structure that results from their formation, and how they will evolve and eventually dissolve over time. I also have started a program to search for planets in young stellar systems to map the typical system architecture at young ages, and where possible constrain the masses and compositions of these quickly evolving young planets.

See my research page for more on the research I have been doing at UT, and my teaching page to read about some of the teaching and outreach I have done since my undergrad days. I also am indeed a person outside of astronomy, and you can take a look at my about me page for a bit more about me.