Welcome! I’m Danny Krolikowski, a postdoc at Steward Observatory and a member of the NEID and HPF instrument teams, both of which are extreme precision radial velocity spectrometers.

In my current role, I mostly work on the NEID software team to expand the functionality of its data reduction pipeline, address any issues with it, and support the NEID userbase. I received my Ph.D. from UT Austin in August of 2022, where I worked with Professor Adam Kraus and have been an active user of the HPF spectrograph since it was commissioned in 2018.

My broad research interests involve young stars and their planetary systems, in particular to understand how they form and evolve in their early lifetimes. I have worked on projects regarding young stellar populations, stellar activity, exoplanet detection and characterization, and the handling of spectroscopic data.

Please take a look through the rest of this website to learn more! See this page for more about my research and this page to read about some of the teaching and outreach I have done since my undergrad days. I also am indeed a person outside of astronomy, and you can take a look here for a bit more about me!