I was born and raised on the north shore of Long Island in Stony Brook, NY before heading up to even colder weather in Western NY for college at SUNY Geneseo. After these 4 years with extra-strength winter, I moved south to the triple digit summers of Austin, TX for grad school. Despite getting a bit tired of that heat, I moved to Tucson, AZ after defending my dissertation in August 2022 for a postdoc position at Steward Observatory.

When I can manage to get away from my computer, which thankfully has become much easier as a postdoc, I enjoy live music, playing video games, being on or near the water (yet here I am living in a desert…), and watching terribly bad movies (I will never not plug the funniest podcast in existence: How Did This Get Made?).

Despite spending 6 years living in a city known for its amazing and varied live music scene, I unfortunately didn’t get back to playing music after graduating college (one day I will return to it!) I am a percussionist, playing everything from jazz drum set to orchestral triangle. I was lucky to meet some other awesome musicians in college whose band I joined halfway through my undergrad years – check us out if you want to hear some funky tunes: The Red Kettle Collective 😎

Drummer me PJ
Drumming away with the SUNY Geneseo Jazz Ensemble The sights I miss from NY (Port Jefferson Harbor)